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'Hadrian's Wall on Tyneside' at Segedunum Roman Fort

An unearthed part of Hadrian's Wall is going on display for the first time in North Tyneside. The 50m (150ft) part of the wall was first discovered in 1998 but was kept undercover to protect it.

'Hadrian's Wall on Tyneside' at Segedunum Roman Fort
Now Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend is putting the section of wall on display, along with artefacts and a bath house recently excavated at the site.

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums manager, Geoff Woodward, said it was "really exciting" visitors could now see it.

'Hadrian's Wall on Tyneside' at Segedunum Roman Fort
Excavations at Segedunum fort at Wallsend in North Tyneside has revealed that a stretch of nearby Hadrian's Wall collapsed several times because of the instability of the surrounding land [Credit: ncjMedia Ltd]
Hadrian's Wall on Tyneside is a culmination of three-year project WallQuest - a community archaeology scheme which saw hundreds of volunteers taking part in urban digs over 30-miles of Hadrian's Wall between South Shields and Hexham.

Mr Woodward said: "We've uncovered another important part of our history at Segedunum and I can't wait for people to come and see it.

'Hadrian's Wall on Tyneside' at Segedunum Roman Fort
Archaeologists found the site by researching old maps and records to pinpoint the location of the baths close to the former Ship in the Hole pub [Credit: Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums]
"Following conservation, visitors will now be able to see the new section of the wall, which is really exciting. Before the WallQuest project we knew very little about the civilian settlement outside the fort. Thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers, who have spent months working with the museum and conservation experts, we now know more about this unique landmark."

The original bath house, which was first discovered in 1814, was long forgotten until it was unearthed in 2014.

The 73-mile (117km) Hadrian's Wall stretches between Wallsend in North Tyneside and Bowness on Solway in Cumbria.

Hadrian's Wall on Tyneside is on display at Segedunum Roman Fort until 30 October.

Source: BBC News Website [April 23, 2016]

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