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Mongolian dinosaur exhibition opens in Japan

The Mongolian dinosaurs exhibition named “Mongolian Gobi: Amazing Country of Dinosaurs” has opened in Japanese Nagoya city's Science Museum.

Mongolian dinosaur exhibition opens in Japan
It has been organized in frames of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan and the 20th anniversary of joint paleontology expedition of the two countries, with a support of the Japanese national daily "Yomiuri Shimbun", “Nippon Express" air cargo service company and scientists and researchers of Mongolia and Hayshibara museum.

The exhibition displays 130 kinds of items from Mongolia and European countries, including found by the joint team the tarbosaurus, also known as the Asian tyrannosaurus; a primitive ceratopsian protoceratops, 'baby dinosaur fossil', preserved in unprecedentedly good condition, and a fighting dinosaur', instantly fossilized while fighting.

Mongolian dinosaur exhibition opens in Japan
Nagoya City Science Museum — Mongolian Dinosaurs Exhibition
[Credit: Monstame]
At the same time, the exhibition introduces achievements of the Mongolian geology research being conducted jointly by the Nagoya's Science and University museums.

Present at the opening ceremony were Kh.Tsogtbaatar, a director of Paleontological Centre of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Mr Tsuneo Ishimaru, a director of the Science Museum, Mr Hiroto Kusama, a head of department for supporting culture and sport of Yomiuri.

The exhibition, already displayed in Tokyo and Osaka cities, will be on show until June 8.

Author: S.Enkhmandakh | Source: Montsame [April 02, 2014]

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