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Machu Picchu artifacts exhibition attracts over 30,000 visitors
More than 30,000 people have visited so far the free exhibition of archaeological pieces from Machu Picchu artifacts returned by Yale University at the Government Palace in Lima, Peru’s Culture Ministry estimated.

Foreign and Peruvian vistors admire the Machu Picchu artifacts displayed at the Government Palace [Credit: ANDINA/Jessica Vicente]
This exhibition which is opened since April 5th attracted nearly 22,500 local and foreign tourists, the Director of Museum and Historic Heritage Management of this sector, Marisol Ginocchio noted.

“Crowds of people are visiting the exhibition which is carried out without problems,” the archaeologist said to Andina.

The exhibition will close on April 12, and an extension date is unknown.

Such display named “Machu Picchu, after 100 years: The reunion” can be visited free of charge from 09:00 to 20:00 hours until Tuesday April 12th, except on April 10th, day in which the presidential elections will be held.

The audience may appreciate more than 360 archaeological pieces, as ceramics, bones, stones and metal objects of Inca culture.

Source: Andina [April 08, 2011]

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