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GCC archaeology show at Katara
Nearly 420 objects will be displayed at the ‘Heritage without Borders: The third GCC Archaeology Exhibition’ to open on May 2 at Qatar Museums Authority Gallery in Katara.

The relics, some dating back several millennia, are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

Hosted by the QMA, the exhibition, which will run until June 30, will demonstrate the historical, cultural and geographical unity of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. This unity is reflected in the history of the ancient Near East through the interaction with the neighbouring cultures, human movements and economic exchange. In addition, the exhibition aims to recognise the common cultural traits between different parts of the region, and also examine its rich cultural diversity.

Four major historical periods will be highlighted including Prehistoric Period (approximately 1 million years ago until 3rd millennium BC), the Dawn of Civilisations (cultures) Period (3rd millennium to 3rd century BC), Pre-Islamic Periods (3rd century BC to the 7th century AD) and Islamic Period (7th century to date).

“The people of the Gulf region share a common history and the same destiny cemented by the establishment of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC). We are proud to host the 3rd exhibition dedicated to showcasing archaeological findings in our region. We believe this exhibition embodies our unique common identity, heritage and culture,” said Faisal Abdulla Al Naimi, Head of Antiquities at QMA.

“Visitors will be introduced to the historical heritage of the GCC region for well over a million years through storyline and scenario of the displays, catalogue, prints and text with photos and other instructive ways that will offer the visitors a valuable learning experience,” added Al Naimi.

A seminar will accompany the exhibition highlighting recent developments and progress of archaeological work in the GCC as well as a workshop on different aspect of heritage management and studies.

Source: The Peninsula [April 30, 2011]

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