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Cycladic Art Exhibition hosted in Constantinople
Cycladic figurines from the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art will travel to Constantinople to be displayed on the 23rd of May in a very large exhibition which aims to explore the relationships among the Cyclades and western Asia during the Early Bronze Age in the third millennium BC.
The exhibition will take place at the impressive museum Sakip Sampantsi which is located in the region Emirtzan at the European shore of the Bosporus.

For the arrangements of the exhibition the director of the Museum of Cycladic Art, Prof. Nikos Stampolidis and the director of the Turkish museum Madame Nanzan Oltser have been working together for months.
In return, an exhibition will be organized in Athens (Museum of Cycladic Art) in 2012, featuring Ottoman calligraphy handwritten texts and objects from the Museum Sakip Sampantsi.
Author: Anastasia Miskedaki | Source: Greek Reporter [April 21, 2011]

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