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New Opera Will Group Tabs
New Opera 11

Only for Windows users

Opera Software has presented the first beta version of browser Opera 11, is informed in the official press release.

The browser will include a number of new functions. The video demo with the description of the new mechanism of work of tabs can be seen here.

To create folders it's possible simple dragging of one tab on another tab. Thus created groups easily open pressing of one key. And at carrying out by the cursor of the mouse over group of tabs the viewing menu opens.

New Opera 11 beta

Also in Opera 11 other new functions, including support of extensions, managements of the browser by means of mouse movements (gestures) are realised also, and also the volume which occupies the browser on a computer hard disk is lowered.

New Opera 11 has been announced in the middle of October. At the moment for downloading in English the beta version is accessible to Windows platform only. Date of release of final Opera 11 yet is not informed.

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