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10 Hot Tips For Laptop

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Heat and contrast of temperatures are serious tests for your laptop. To save your laptops in the conditions of hot summer and to prevent loss of the valuable data, use my councils.

10 Tips How Correctly to Use Notebooks

1. Try not to use the laptop as the games console.
The laptop — first of all the portable device, therefore, for a permanent work — use not so reasonably, for given jobs there is a stationary computer. Thus, if you ask me: "How to speed my computer up (notebook)?", I will respond: "the Laptop it the portable device, not used to permanent works...".

2. Be well informed concerning a safe range of temperatures for your notebook.
The majority of portable computers normally function in a range from 10°C to 35°C. Very high temperature can lead to malfunctions. Besides, high temperature damages the hard disk microgeometry, thus it cause failures and damages.

Girl and Laptop3. Give the chance to the laptop to adapt for changes of temperature conditions.
If you often move with the notebook from a cool home to the hot place necessarily switch off the laptop. Allow to the notebook to adapt for new temperature.

4. In the car for the notebook not a place.
Never leave the laptop in the car, including in a luggage carrier. The temperature in the car in a sunny day almost always above admissible norms for the notebook.

5. Avoid direct sun rays.
There is an opinion that the sun is capable to harm to the laptop display. Therefore it's better to show care, than be distressed about the spoilt screen. If you have to work under direct sun rays — the protective screen for the display is your choice.

6. Be afraid of high humidity.
Be careful, if is expected humidity above 80% (though your notebook can have special admissible norms of humidity of environment). High humidity of air can strengthen condensation in your notebook.

Girl and Notebook7. Carry out reserve copying of the data.
Execute reserve copying of the data stored in your laptop. I remind: the heat can lead to hard disk damages. Use an external (portable) hard disk.

8. Be ready to an unexpected rain.
Have near at hand an umbrella and a water-proof bag for the notebook.

9. Use the cooling gadget.
For certain you noticed how the laptop strongly heats up. Therefore use at least a usual support for the notebook, but is desirable — cooling gadget. If you wish to increase PC speed, it's insistently necessary for you to use cooling support.

10. Transport the laptop in a reliable bag.
For protection against a rain and for the purpose of decrease in condensation from sharp change of temperatures use bags with protection against a moisture (and also from blows).

Disadvantages of Portable Computers

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