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Eternal Trend: the Scientific Dissertations

Scientific degree

Dissertational work as scientific product is rather specific. First of all, the dissertation carries out qualifying function, i.e. is written for the purpose of public protection and reception of scientific degree. In this connection the primary goal of the author — to show level of the scientific qualification and, first of all, ability independently to conduct scientific search and to solve concrete scientific problems.

The General Principles of Dissertations

The dissertation adequately reflects both general scientific, and special methods of the scientific knowledge, which legitimacy of use is comprehensively proved in each concrete case of their use. Dissertations fixes the received information in the form of the text and illustrated materials in which the author of dissertation collects the saved up scientific facts and proves scientific value or the practical importance of those or other positions.

The dissertation

Compound dissertations is characterized by uniqueness and originality of data. The basic leitmotif here is essentially new material including the description of new factors, the phenomena and laws, or generalization before known positions from other master's dissertation or in absolute other unique aspect.

All large companies demand to have higher education and specialization of the employees for achievement of effective functioning of the enterprise. In this connection many people aspire to receive higher education and scientific degree.

Doctors of sciences

The PhD dissertation describes always one concept or one certain point of view. Standards of scientific communications strictly regulate character of a statement of the scientific information, demanding not to express own opinion.

Intro to PhD Dissertation

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