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The Effective Backlink Strategies for Your Blog


If you wish to earn money by means of own blog you need to advance a blog in top of the basic search systems, first of all in the Google Top.

To get to this Magnificent Top, is necessary observance of several important conditions:

* The blog should represent value for visitors.

* On your blog there should be exclusively useful, qualitative and unique content.

* On a blog there should be a considerable quantity qualitative backlinks.
The key factor of reception of good positions in results of search Google is the quantity and quality of backlinks.

The logic question: «How to receive many qualitative backlinks?»

In this article I wish to tell you 3 most effective strategy of reception of backlinks to your blog or web site!

1. Selection of qualitative web sites for placing on them of your links. Despite seeming simplicity, not all so is simple.

Google servicesIn the Internet the large quantity of useless web sites, placing of links on which absolutely will give nothing. To find optimum platforms for your project is necessary to find the most popular web site by your key inquiry. Google will give out many results, but us interests №1.

To understand, what links have deduced the given web site on 1st position, is necessary to check up the list of backlinks. It's simple — or by means of special link tracking software, or by means of the operator «link:» (for example, link:trend-web.blogspot.com).

AnywhereHaving analyzed links, we receive a certain representation that is necessary for the 1st place!

2. Blog addition exclusively in qualitative catalogues.

I underline once again — add your blog exclusively in qualitative catalogues. It's very important, since qualitative web-catalogs enjoy authority as in the opinion of users, also at the most popular search systems.

On the Internet many commercial qualitative catalogs, however also are a lot of free qualitative catalogues. I.e. to pay or not to pay is your choice!


3. Content catalogues and unique author's style.

Write useful, unique, informative articles and publish them in catalogues of articles, on thematic resources etc. Unique author's style should allocate each article, however do not forget "to put down" your backlink.

So, we have found out, that without back links it is impossible to take high positions in results of searches. Besides it, we have defined the most effective tools for SEO, such as: special link tracker, blogs catalogues, unique author's style.

Now you are simply obliged to start strategy realization in practice!

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