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The armed robbers have plundered a casino in Basel

Grand casino

The armed criminals have plundered Grand casino in Basel. As reports AP, approximately in 4 AM robbers on 2 cars have parked near a casino, have cracked doors, have rushed into a game hall of casino, have forced visitors and personnel to lay down on a floor, have taken away money from cash desks and have disappeared.

Without victims

Robbers have been armed by pistols and automatic guns. In a casino some heard gun shots, however bullets have touched nobody. Most likely, criminals have opened fire, when unsuccessfully tried to crack the safe.

According to police, robbers have carried away some hundreds thousand Swiss francs. The exact sum of the stolen is not specified. Robbers have disappeared on two "Audi" with the French licence plates. According to AFP, criminals have gone to France. Casino Grand in Basel is located approximately in 200 metres from the French border.

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BBC News Channel about this robbery

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