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Google has told about censorship of the services in 25 countries of the world

It's Google

Google has informed, that their services are blocked in 25 of 100 countries in which corporation Google carries out the activity.

By order of the government...

Access for Internet users to products of Google is limited under the decision of the governments of the states, about this informed the vice-president Rachel Whetstone in the official blog devoted to a state policy of the European countries.

The vivid example of restriction of access to services of Google it's China, they provides obligatory censorship of search inquiries. It became the conflict reason between Google and the Chinese government when the company has refused to carry out censorship in reply to hacker attack to the corporate network.

Authoritative censorship

However besides search restriction, in China other services of the company, for example: Sites, Blogs and service of editing and an exchange of photos Picasa are blocked also. Video hosting Youtube which belongs Google also is inaccessible for the Chinese users.

The company Google has not specified the list of the countries which impose an interdiction for Google services, having underlined, that more often in a role of censors act the authoritative states, such as China and Vietnam.

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