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The largest registrar of domains will leave China


The world's largest registrar of domain names company GoDaddy.com will leave from the Chinese market, writes The Washington Post.

The total control

Such decision in GoDaddy have accepted because of toughening of rules of registration of domains. According to the new requirements which have appeared in December, 2009, at registration it is necessary to give about itself the extensive information and to load a colour photo.

In particular, it is required to give number of registration of the legal person and the questionnaires filled by hand. All should be informed it in the special organisation closely connected with the government. Representatives of the registrar consider, that these rules "will freeze" the market. Usually from clients of registrars the name, the address, a phone number and an e-mail address is required only.

Casual coincidence

GoDaddy has decided to stop work in the domain market of China shortly after corporation Google has refused a filtration of results of search and has redirected all inquiries from the Chinese servers on Hong Kong where censorship is not made. However, in the registrar deny any interrelation of own decision with actions Google.

Company GoDaddy is engaged in registration of domains since 2000. In total it is registered over 40 million domain names.

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