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The domain zone of Yugoslavia is closed


At midday the domain zone .yu, intended for Yugoslavia on March, 30th has ceased to exist. The domain .yu has been allocated Yugoslavia in 1989 and existed even after country disintegration. About it writes edition Balkan Insight.

The bilateral decision

The decision about the termination of delegation of a domain zone .yu is accepted the Serbian national registrar of Internet domains (RNIDS). RNIDS, in turn, has informed on it after the decision of corporation ICANN.

Carrying over of servers of a zone .yu in a new zone .rs — is accepted in May, 2009. In a zone .yu are still registered about 4,000 domains. In zone .rs is already registered over 52,000 domain names.

Forever .su!

It was initially supposed, that the domain zone. yu will cease to exist on September, 30th, 2009. However representatives of RNIDS have asked about a delay and date is postponed for March, 30th, 2010.

I will notice, that domains of the nonexistent countries far not always stop the work. So, the domain zone .su, fixed to Soviet Union, exists till now and actively extends at the expense of new registration. As of March, 30th, in a domain zone .su is registered over 93,000 domains.

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