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Refusal Google of censorship has displeased Chineses

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Refusal Google of censorship of search inquiries in China has displeased inhabitants of the country, informs BBC News. According to the Chinese correspondent BBC, many Chineses felt offended by the decision of the American company.

Thinking censorship

Censorship cancellation has provoked growth of nationalist moods at Internet users in China. So, on a popular web portal sina.com.cn there were messages in which Chineses have demanded that Google "left away the country".

Some partners Google in China also have declared the termination of cooperation with the searcher. So, Internet company TOM Online which owns a portal tom.com, has officially declared, that will not prolong the contract with Google. Earlier Chinese government has warned partners of the searcher about necessity independently to carry out censorship in case it will cease to carry out Google.

«Absolutely wrong decision»

However with condemnation of policy Google all inhabitants of China have acted not. At the Peking office of the company people who have expressed support to refusal of censorship have gathered. We will notice, that earlier the representative of the Chinese government named decision Google "absolutely wrong" and has expressed "discontent and indignation" company actions.

Google has stopped to carry out censorship of searcher Google.cn on March, 22nd, having given to the Chinese users possibility to carry out search by means of the Hong Kong version of the searcher. The decision to refuse censorship connect with December attack to corporate network Google which has been made from territory of China. On company Google official statement, personal data of several tens Chinese legal experts which use mail service Google Mail were the purpose of malefactors.

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