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In Berlin have plundered poker players


Participants of a poker tournament became victims of the armed robbery, informs DW-WORLD.

Robbers, whose physiognomies have been closed by masks, on Saturday, on March, 6th, approximately at 14:15 on local time have made armed attack on hotel Grand Hyatt. Occurrence in a hall of robbers has caused a panic among players in which result, alarmists have got small traumas.

Having stolen a part of prize-winning fund of tournament, criminals have disappeared. How many money has been stolen, representatives of the Berlin police yet do not specify. However, according to German newspaper BZ, robbers have taken hold of 800,000 euro. The newspaper also informs, that six malefactors have been armed by machine guns, knifes and an explosive.

German tennis star Boris Becker too loves poker

In five-day poker tournament in Grand Hyatt with prize-winning fund in 4,725 million euro which should come to the end in the morning on Sunday, on March, 7th, in total took part about 400 players. Among participants there was known tennis player Boris Becker, however by the robbery moment the tennis star was absent in hotel.

Sincerely I sympathise with organizers of tournament and I hope, that the police will catch robbers.

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