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Kal-El, Wayne, Logan & Stark: Future Processors by Nvidia

SupermanNvidia Co. named the mobile processors of the future generations in honour of superheroes.

Superheroes loves Nvidia!

The novelties, which within the next four years will start into mass productions, will receive code names in honour of the Superman (Kal-El), the Batman (Wayne), the X-Man (Logan) and the Iron Man (Stark). Thus a new Kal-El chip will appear in the mobile market in 2011.

Particulars about Kal-El which also will be known under name Tegra 3, have been published during conference Mobile World Congress. Besides it, this processor will be oriented on usage in iPads and smartphones.

Productivity of Kal-El twice exceeds indexes of previous processor (Tegra 2). I mark, what exactly these processors are used in the majority smartphones and the i-tablets presented by various vendors during MWC 2011. Thus, the 1st models on its basis can appear in the mobile market to autumn of 2011.

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